Marriages Evolve and Mature, if the people do, too

Be Internally Happy (Love Yourself)

Self confidence and Self love strengthen the relationship.

Not a site to gripe, but heal!

Stories of healing yourself, from the inside. 

Some relationships will make it through this. Consider your history and the relationship patters, recent events that affected his current behavior. Or is this a pattern of "bad" behavior?

Speak Your Truth

Be honest and communicate openly with your partner. Be the one ask questions. Be the one to answer honestly.

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Ashley sent Ty a reflection on how she would redo if she could, how she texted to him instead if responding,early on in their relationship. 

Ty and Ashley had thanksgiving plans but Ty disappeared and didn't come home that night they planned.

With sudden change of heart, Ty tells Ashley to move on. 

Ashley believes she and Ty can reconcile.

Files coming soon.