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Filmographer and Father, winning in life and working through grief. Our story.

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Ty and Ashley in Fort Collins Moving On!

Who is Ty? 

Ty is lovable, very personable, an amazing salesman, and a great father, who wants to be a family man but is making choices that are reactionary. He's an amazing writer and among the most brilliant creative minds. In fact, he has his own story he plans to tell, to help other men heal and be great family men. Learn from his mistakes, since he's growing toward not repeating them again. 

He's working on himself. So is Ashley, working on herself. 

Who is Ashley?

Ashley is an adventurous wanderer who has a tremendous loyalty to friends and family. She is the "listener" among her friends and the one they called "zen." However, Ashley was reactionary with Ty, and unrealistic standards made him feel unworthy in her eyes.

It is almost winter and Ty tells Ashley he will get through his personal storm and come out a better man. She agrees. Each time they talk or see each other, he promises Ashley they will make the relationship work.  Ashley knows the best in Ty and had the best in him. Ashley still expects him to come home each night, continue the professional guidance to change his behaviors, and become a man of integrity that she knew and loved before his father died unexpectedly. Ashley is his

 Mrs. King. Ashley is all in. 

These are real people. 

This is real love. 

Ty wants time and space but Ashley and Ty agreed not to see or date anyone else. 

Ty always put Ashley's happiness first and wanted to protect her from any harm or sadness, including his past. She demands transparency and wants hear it all from him directly. Even though Ty and Ashley have been sharing a journal since the beginning of their relationship, the secrets Ty feared most were never written or spoken. Many embarrassing too-hard-to-share-in-person facts were written and shared in that journal between the two. But Ty waited until too late to share some of his history (perhaps he was honestly in denial still), and someone else told Ashley first, which was a damaging blow to her faith in Ty. 

Ty was giving it his all, but his all didn't seem good enough for Ashley who still wanted more complete transparency and honesty. In many ways Ashley is Ty's biggest cheerleader -- with his amazing independent film work, writing, technical skills, spectacular hands-on father with their son. Nonetheless, at all costs, she remained intensely focused on disproving him in some ways. Ty kept telling Ashley, this is impossible to prove this never happened! To which she would say, "Nothing is impossible; I need proof." Did her doubt push him to continue spending extra money on himself and seek out attention from other women? No, that was still Ty's choice. But how to you prove something that never existed?

Our society now praises divorce more than compassion and growing together after traumatic hardships, doesn't it? Can Ashley and Ty can make it in the long run? What if neither family supports them any longer? There's no proof of adultery, but the emotional connections with other women were established. What if Ty decides not to commit for the long run? Right now, the influence of his friends is stronger than the stability being a family man. Why?

The truth always comes to light. 

New Relationship Excitement, or Renewal of old

Here is a typical relationship issue. The more often Ashley asked Ty what he would like to see change in their relationship and what might help him find internal happiness, the more upset he got at her for asking him to "open up" more. 

Ashley began chasing Ty and a downward spiral began. He pursued other women, at least for attention, while telling Ashley he refused to be with any other woman. Ashley found and got mad about his lying to her.

A wife understands that men don't want to talk things through until they're blue in the face, but everyone wants full honesty and not half-truths or a husband that acts single online.

Ty tried to win Ashley back with beautifully composed letter he read to her. But the sun burned the planet's life away. Ashley had to hide away after this incident. In Ashley's emotional distress, she actually needed Ty to be physically present but Ty didn't come home hug and support her. He disappeared from Ashley and Canon's life then cut  off communication.

Forgive someone enough times that they know you love them unconditionally and they feel it. But don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness.  Ashley thought and began seeing a counselor.

Ashley set up couples counseling and he agreed...but he continued dating other women online while telling Ashley he is focusing on himself alone.

In the end, Ashley wrote "Why I am fighting so hard to be with you, reconcile again with you, all for something you make obvious you no longer want? Our family. This must be how you felt when was blocking you out last year.


Ashley shared the password to this website with Ty, so he has full editing access. Unrestricted.

The downward spiral was Ashley chasing Ty, saying "I love you. You deserve everything we created together. Step it up and be a family man for us," and Ty slipping away into the dark. Ashley couldn't find the words Ty needed to hear. 

"I love you but refuse to tolerate your behavior," repeated from Ashley led Ty to think she also wanted to end their relationship, when Ashley was trying to emphasize their love. Oh mars and venus. 

At the end of August 2017, Ashley kicked Ty out after he didn't come home one night. Ty swore he was "sleeping" at this "buddy's house" that night. Ashley knew he was no longer all-in the way she was in strengthening their family and she wanted to hit the RESET button.  Ashley demanded Ty get professional guidance. Followed by couples counseling. 

They also agreed in writing to not date anyone else and stay entirely committed to the journey together.

Transparency is difficult for Ty. He continues to lie and say he's not dating. Is true or not that he wants Ashley? There was almost nothing left that Ashley could have tried with Ty to be with him on the right path, because she honestly thought his soul would shine through for EVERYONE to see the man she found. His gentle, loving, kind being that she adored.  That's slipping away.

So don't fall for the kind words that hold no meaning, as Ty tells Ashley what  she wants to hear. But listen to the truth behind the unanswered questions!

Colorado. Child. Children. Ty's wife. Ty King's wife. Photography. Filmography. Compulsive lying. He began meeting women  Tinder Plus, bumble and shares time with Amanda, a married women in Greeley (he says he doesn't talk to her anymore) instead his little family.

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Ty Curtis King as a Married Man

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Every moment of every day, the genuine good hearted family man that Ty wants to be is not here. 

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